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Mug out - washing your face is very important in the prevention of hair bumps. Use a loofa scrub cloth every day to remove dead skin that may cover new hair growth and redirect the new growth of hair from penetrating the surface of the skin.  Use face wash that has salicylic acid , this penetrates the pores and removes unseen dirt and oil three times a week. Then moisturize to return the skin to a balanced level. Never use saop.

Grizzly  grind - beard maintenance should involve face wash, face scrub, color treatment conditioner and moisturizer and or oils. This will prevent face soreness when brushing, combing or when your daughter pulls on it. I have a conditioner to maintain your color, provide moisture and help relax or soften your beard hairs. 


Color (camouflage) service clients should only use color shampoo and conditioner. However conditioner should be used for cleansing. Shampoo should be used if dirt or a product that attracts dirt is used. Be cautious of soap containing sulfates because sulfates pull too much moisture from the hair and scalp leaving very dry results. Color shampoo and conditioner can be used for non color treated hair as well. Come visit me and let me share valuable grooming tips every man should know. Professional hair coloring



  VIP - AVAILABLE  24/7                  $200


   Boss Beard-beard trimmed razor line steam conditioned  blow out sculpted color match dye. Optional (head shaved facial mask wax hair removal razor facial. My number one service                                                                                          $100     


   Hair Cut, Beard                            $100  

   Hair Cut, Beard, Custom Dye    $150      Natural to dark  

​  Mobile Service/per Head             $300


  On Site Film/Event,Per Day        $ 5000





    All services include cleanse, razor steam line, hot oil treatment, leave in conditioner and 2 out of 5 other optional services from face nose ear waxing, facial mask, razor facial, beard blow out, eyebrow trim, head shave or even cut with beards.

     Procedures are for the man who cuts his hair at home because of being tired of bad service. Which is the same client who has time and resources. Most services are from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on how detailed your look demands.





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